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Need some help ordering your Custom Pet Portrait?

If you love your dog as much as I do, my Custom Pet Portraits are made for you.

A personalised, one of a kind creation created with love and care to remember your pet fondly forever. 

But how do you decide on a size, a shape, a colour and all those other things? Well, I'm here to make the process simple for you, read on.

snoopy underway web.png

Where will you be hanging your artwork?

Choose a Shape

snoopy on wall web.png

Is your wall space taller than it is wide? Then the portrait Orientation might be best for you.

 Is your wall space wider than it is tall? Then a landscape orientation might be best for you.

 A Square shape is your third option, and like a landscape orientation, would sit nicely above furniture or a bed. It would also sit nicely on a large wall space as a feature artwork.

How much space do you have?

Choose a Size

The size of your artwork should depend on the size of the wall, or the space in which it will be hanging. 

 A large artwork makes for a nice feature artwork. On a large wall space, preferably in an area where the viewer can stand back from the artwork to view it in it's entirety, maybe an entry hall or a lounge room, or even a bedroom.  

If the space you have is very limited, it might be the mini size that you are after.

2020 Rectangle Size Guide.png

This size would would work well on a small wall space, where the viewer can see the artwork up close, and enjoy the details.

 The in between sizes offer you an alternative for varying wall spaces.

What else should you consider?

snoopy on wall web.png

Of course it doesn't only come down to size and shape. You also need to consider your budget, the photographs that will inspire the artwork and the colours that fit your colour scheme.

 Maybe you'd like a subtle artwork that fits neatly into your colour scheme, or maybe its a bright colourful feature artwork that you're after?

Whether you know what you're after or not, I can help with those decisions and create the artwork that's the best fit for you!

Follow the link below to learn more about my Custom Pet Portraits.

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