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Pet Portrait Painting by Perth Artist Michelle Jane Williamson

Custom Pet Portraits

A Custom Original Pet Portrait.
A great way to treasure your best furry friend forever.
One of a Kind, Created Just for You.
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How It Works...


Step 1. Choose a Size

Choose a portrait size and shape! Square or Rectangle, Small or Large, check my example images to choose a size and shape that works best for you and your wall space. If you are unsure I can make some suggestions for you.

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Step 2. Choose a Photo
Pick some photos of your dog that you love, or take some new ones. The higher the quality the better! Take a look at my helpful photo hints below for some tips on what makes the best reference photo for a painting.


Step 3. Make an an Order
Make an order using the submission form below!
Leave it to me to bring your pet to life on canvas! Turnaround is roughly 6-12 weeks, sometimes faster. If you live locally, your artwork will be delivered free of charge. If you live interstate or internationally your artwork will be safely posted.

Pet Portrait Painting Size Chart

Helpful Photography Tips...

  1. Lighting
    Make sure you are taking your photos in a well lit area, whether inside or outside. Natural Lighting is always the best, try shooting your photos in morning or afternoon light


  2. Angle
    Try to photograph your pet down on their level. Try not to take your photo from above looking down at them. Taking the photo from your pets eye level always gives the best results. The photo can be front on, slightly to the side or a side on profile photo if you wish. Take lots of different angles, often one you might not expect to will look best!


  3. Gaze
    Try to get your pet looking at the camera, treats or a squeaky toy can be handy to do this. Hold them up next to the camera to help direct their gaze to you.


  4. Position
    Lots of different positions work, but I often find if you get your dog to sit it works best. You can also get your dog to stand or lay down.


  5. Focus
    Try to focus the camera on your pet’s eyes, we want this section to be the most in focus for detailing.


  6. Flash
    Avoid using the camera’s built in flash. The flash will cast unwanted shadows.


  7. Tidy Up
    Try to take harnesses off your dog, collars look good in portraits, just pull the name tag to the front and center so it's not sitting at an odd angle if you can.


  8. Take Lots of Photos
    Lots of photos means lots of options! We are bound to find one that works as the perfect pet portrait.

dog portrait forrest correct pose
dog portrait forrest correct pose
dog portrait forrest not the best pose
dog portrait forrest not the best pose

Make an Order...

After your order form is submitted you will receive a reply from Michelle within 24 hours
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