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  • Where do you create from?
    You can find me in my home studio, in beautiful Perth, Western Australia.
  • What mediums do you paint with?
    I work primarily in oils, I enjoy the colour, depth and richness they offer. Every now and then I crack out the acrylics or the pastels.
  • Do you exhibit your artwork?
    Yes, I'm a regular at several community art exhibtions thoughout the year. My work can also be seen in local cafes around Perth, I make an effort to put it out there to be seen. I invite you to follow me on Facebook for updates on current exhibtions and displays.
  • Is painting the only artistic medium you work with?
    I am also a Stop Motion Animator. You can see my short films via my Youtube channel.
  • Did you study Fine Arts?
    Yes, I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts as well as a Cert IV in Animation.
  • Do you only paint animals?
    My passion is painting animals; my talents do extend beyond fur, tails and floppy ears. Although I don't list these on my website you can see snippets throughout my social media pages.
  • Where can I buy your artworks?
    You can visit my online store to buy original oil paintings and limited edition prints. You can also make an order for a pet portrait through my website, send me a message we can discuss! Alternatively you can visit Bluethumb, where I list all my artworks. I do understand online shopping is not for everyone, so if you would prefer not to buyy online, please be aware I offer a payment on delivery option at the checkout for Perth Metro Buyers. Feel free to get in contact to discuss a potential studio viewing of my works or to find out when the next public event is!
  • How Much Does Shipping Cost?
    Shipping is Free Worldwide!
  • Can I retrieve my painting in person?
    Yes, I provide the option of picking up your purchase during the online checkout process. You're welcome to arrange pick up from a local address.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, I sure do. Proceed through the checkout as normal, entering your address when requested.
  • What methods of payment do you offer?
    We currently accept payment via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Shopify Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. In addition to these online payment methods, I also offer payment by cash on delivery for my Perth Metro Customers.
  • How long will my parcel take to arrive?
    Please allow 2-3 working days from order confirmation to dispatch, although it will often be faster. You will be sent an Australia Post tracking number for your parcel. Parcels should be received within 12 working days within Australia. International Orders should allow more time. If you have selected Local Pickup you will be contacted asap via email to organise a time and location.
  • Shipping Original Artworks
    If you are buying an Original Artwork it is preferable that it is collected from the Local Pickup Point (Perth Metro Area). If you live outside the Perth Metro Area, your original artwork can be shipped, but the canvas may need to be removed from the canvas frame and it will be the duty of the buyer to get the canvas re stretched onto a frame after it is received.
  • How do I keep my painting safe from damage?
    Original Paintings should be kept out of the direct sunlight and away from condensation such as the kettle or bath.
  • Is every artwork signed by the artist?
    Yes! Every Original Artwork is signed by Michelle for authenticity.
  • Can I order my own commissioned painting?
    Yes, I enjoy the challenge of bringing to life your family pets, creating a piece based on a favorite color pallet in your home, or any other specific requirements. I'm happy to provide a quote or discuss with you in more detail what you're interested in(with no obligation). If it is a pet portrait you are after, visit the Pet Portraits Page, If your request differs from this, please get in contact.
  • Does a painting have a number like a print does?
    A painting does not have a number and that is because it is one of a kind! There is only ever one original, it is a 1/1.
  • What is the difference between an original painting and a print?
    An original painting is a unique creation that no one else will ever have. You will see the individual textured brushstrokes and the distinct grain of the canvas. A print is a multiple of an original. An image of the original is transferred from a printmaking surface onto paper under direction of the artist. Some prints are limited editions signed by the artist and numbered: “4/50” indicates that no more than 50 will be printed.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    4-6 weeks. Please note during times of high demand a painting may take longer or on the flip side may be even faster! If you have a deadline for a special occassion please let me know and I can do my best to cater for your needs.
  • How much does a pet portrait cost?
    Please visit the pet portraits page for pricing.
  • What do you paint from?
    I paint from photographs of your pet. If you can send me a selection of great images to work from that is always very helpful. I do also offer to come out and take a photo of your pet if you would prefer. I can and have worked from low quality photos before, if that is all you have, I can make it work!
  • Do you just paint dogs?
    Of course not! I love to paint dogs, but I would also love to paint your cat, horse, mouse or elephant. I can also mix multiple pets onto one canvas. There is an additional fee for each extra pet added to a canvas.
  • Do you use quality materials and products?
    I paint on high quality custom stretched canvas's, primed and prepared carefully and thoroughly to ensure long lasting quality. I use proffessional grade oil paints and only the best quality materials to create my artworks.
  • I'm not sure on a size or shape?
    That's okay! I am happy for you to fill out a form and just let me know you are unsure. I can talk the options through with you to find the best solution for your space, budget and requirements.
  • What is a Limited Edition Print?
    All prints are created as a part of a limited edition. If the prints number is 2/50, it means that only 50 prints will be produced in this edition and this particular print is the second one printed. Once the edition runs out no more will be produced. You can request a specific print number if you wish, prints do not have to be printer numerically. All prints are signed for authenticity.
  • Can I order my print already framed?
    Yes, you can. I don't currently offer a framing option through the online shop due to shipping complications, but I am more than happy to organise framing for your prints if you are located within the Perth Metro area and prints can either be hand delivered or picked up. To order a framed print get in contact via the contact page.
  • Will my print last forever?
    Your print can last forever. Here are some guidelines that will ensure your print stays good as new. It may go without saying, but, first and foremost, frame the print. A frame will not only showcase the print, but also protect it. Hang the print away from bright sunlight (and bright artificial light) that will cause the colors to fade and the paper to discolor. Moderate light for a limited time is fine. Hang the print with a slight forward tilt so air can circulate around it. Extreme changes in temperature will warp the paper. Avoid dents, tears, and creasing by carefully holding the print by diagonally opposite corners.
  • How do I frame my print?
    The most common way to frame a print is by matting - one or two layers- within a frame. An off-white is my personal preference as an artist for the mat-board colour. There are many different styles and colours of frames, my suggestion is a white or off-white frame. Be sure to match the mat to the frame. If you visit a framers they will be able to show you some different options for framing. Some recommendations for framers in Perth WA are: Claremont Art Framers Churchill Color Lab
  • Can I buy any standard frame?
    My print sizings are created with my customers in mind. I know that budgets differ for my buyers so I have standardised my print sizes to make it easier for you to find a frame no matter your budget.You should be able to find a frame at one of your nearby department stores that will fit your print just fine. Although cheaper standard sized frames are a very acceptable option, they aren't a replacement for quality. Professional framers custom frame your prints with the materials and methods that will make your print last longer. Not only do they use methods to enhance the longevity of your print, but they can also offer you a variety of framing and matting options that far outreach anything you'd find in a store.
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