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Billy's Family Pet Portrait Project

I’ve been devoting a significant portion of my time in the studio to a very special project inspired by the dogs of Billy’s Daycare for Dog’s. Let me share with you how it all started.

I begun working at Billy's part time many years back now, alongside my career as an artist. Spending hours with these lovable canines every day has opened my eyes to the endless range of personalities, characteristics and unique looks that exist in the dog world. As a wildlife and pet portrait artist, I was compelled to start capturing their unique selves on canvas, leading to the birth of the Billy’s Family Pet Portrait Project, which is now in it’s 5th year!​

Each few weeks I will choose a dog, often based on which dogs I had spent lots of time with that particular week, or a dog that had just caught my eye when I was in the pens snapping photos for the project. Whether it be their unique look, their goofy personality or their quirky pose, I was suddenly overwhelmed with choices.

Each week I have been displaying a different dog in the reception area for clients to see on drop off and pick up.

A new dog appearing each week with no warning as to who might be next, the project quickly became a fun little way to put a smile on our doggy owners faces.

It's been an absolute joy to bring such a range of beautiful creatures and personalities to life on canvas, each so unique in their own way. 

That's not to say I'm finished, I have new paintings underway, and so many ideas in my mind. There are endless possibilities and so many dogs I want to celebrate on canvas, it's almost impossible to choose the next subject.

Michelle Jane Williamson Pet Portrait Artist with Ralph the Oodle

I hope that I can eventually make it through the entire group of attendees and celebrate every single one individually . Dogs are such a special part of our lives and they all deserve to be in the spotlight!

Below you will find my gallery of day-care dogs, one by one on canvas. I try to keep this updated regularly, but feel free to follow me on Instagram to stay updated!

Thankyou to all of the owners who have given my paintings a place on their walls at home by purchasing them.

Most Importantly, thankyou to all the dogs who make this world a brighter place!

Michelle xx 

The Dogs of Billy's Daycare For Dogs

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