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A little about michelle...

It was at a very early age that I realised I had a soft spot for animals. I have always been so intrigued by their personalities, their movements and their individual characteristics. It didn’t take long for me to merge my love for animals with my love for art, and I began painting wildlife and pet portraits.


My drive to keep creating comes from a desire to capture the essence of these beautiful creatures before they disappear and to share these unique celebrations of life with others. If I could honor every creature on canvas I would, and hopefully one day I can achieve just that.

With a love for textures, composition and colour my works are often recognisable by the soft brush strokes of pastel colors contrasted against the clear representations of the subject.

I hope to create artworks that allow you as a collector to take with you a piece of nature, a reminder of what beauty our earth entails and a reminder of its vulnerability. My artworks aim to reflect a world of liberty, and instill a sense of calm, hope and purity.

When purchasing a piece from me, in particular an original artwork, you’re buying more than just an object. You’re purchasing a labour of love created from a place of joy.

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