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Michelle Jane Williamson Artist Perth WA
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A little about Michelle...

As a Perth-based Wildlife Artist, I am captivated by the beauty and diversity of nature. From the majestic giraffe to the intricate plumage of a bird, I strive to capture the essence and character of each individual creature in my art. My pieces are both realistic and evocative, depicting the subjects with accuracy while infusing my own creative interpretation through the use of color, composition, and soft brushstrokes. This approach brings a unique energy and movement to each piece, making it both true-to-life and emotionally captivating.

In addition to my animal paintings, I also specialize in custom pet portraits, bringing the unique personalities of your beloved companions to life on canvas. I take great care in capturing the spirit and essence of each pet, from the sparkle in their eyes to the nuances of their expressions.

My medium of choice is oils, which allows me to achieve the level of realism and detail that I strive for in my art. The rich pigments and slow-drying properties of oils give me the ability to blend and layer colours, creating depth and dimension in each piece.

As a collector of my art, you can expect to bring a piece of nature into your home. Each piece is a reflection of the countless hours I spend observing and studying wildlife, striving to capture their unique personalities and characteristics. I infuse my art with my love for colour, composition and soft brushstrokes, creating realistic yet evocative pieces that resonate with nature and animal lovers alike. My goal is to not only create beautiful art but also to bring a sense of wonder, tranquillity, and sometimes even a touch of humour to your home. Each piece is a true labour of love, crafted with deep admiration for the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it.

Michelle Jane Williamson Wildlife Painting
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People's Choice Award - Churchland's SHS Art Exhibition -2022

City of Bayswater Youth Award Runner Up - 2015

Hypervision Overall Winner - 2014

WA Screen Award for Best Student Film – WASA- 2013


Bayside City Council Jump Cut Film Festival – Commendation – 2013


Finalist –Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards – Animation Category - 2013

Outstanding Achievement in Cert III Digital Media – Central Tafe 2012


Finalist – Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards – Animation Category – 2012


Third Year Academic Excellence Award – Curtin University- 2011




Bachelor of Fine Arts – Curtin University – 2012


Certificate IV in Animation – Central Tafe – 2012


Certificate III in Digital Media – Central Tafe – 2012




Curtin University Art Collection- ‘The Presence in the Absence’ 2011




Hypervision 2014 Art Exhibition, City of Swan,2014

“25 under 25” Feast your eyes exhibition, Moores Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle 2013

 “Hatched” National Graduate show, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia 2012


“NFFTY” National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Seattle, USA 2012


“In Transit” Wellington St Bus Station, Perth, Australia 2010

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