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Limited Edition Print by Australian Artist Michelle Jane Williamson.


  • High-Quality Print on Canvas or Fine Art Paper
  • 50 Fine Art Paper Prints in Edition. 50 Canvas Prints in Edition
  • Ready for Framing

Australian Birdlife Series.


The Pink and Grey galahs are one of my favourite characters of the Bird World. Their vibrant pink and grey plumages, a contrast against the hues of the Australian bush, are a sight to behold. I take notice of the way they interact with the world around them. A Mother collecting leaves for her nest, another squawking and spreading its wings wide to warn off the dog approaching below. Two young galahs engage in a playful dance, shuffling positions as if vying for the spotlight.

It's not just the birdlife that captures my attention. The branches of the trees they perch upon are captivating on their own accord. The subtle tones and textures within the long winding and weaving branches, and the peeling bark swaying softly in the wind are their own stunning expose.

The creation of this artwork was a journey that kept unravelling long beyond it’s initial completion. I was constantly compelled to continue adding to it. It’s finally reached completion, a window into nature, ready to hang on your wall. A conversation starter, a piece of nature and a beauty to behold.

“Share the Spotlight” spans a massive 1.8metres in width. The feature artwork for your living room, entry hall or commercial space. A vision of nature, a piece of the soul and an expression of calm and tranquillity.


Each artwork arrives with its own singed Certificate of Authenticity. Canvas print number is listed on the certificate of Authenticity.

Canvas Print - Will come stretched and ready to hang.


Canvas Print Framed - Will come stretched, wood framed and ready to hang.


Fine Art Paper Print - Will come safely rolled or flat with protective paper


Fine Art Paper Print with Mattboard - Will come framed with matt board.


91cm x 45.5cm Print with 120cm x 80cm Mattboard
59.4cm x 29.7cm Print with 91cmx 61cm Mattboard

42cm x 21cm Print with A2 Mattboard

29.7cm x 14.85cm Print with A3 Mattboard

(These mattboard sizes are created to fit standard- easy to find frames)


Fine Art Paper Print Framed - Will come matted, framed and ready to hang.


Custom Sizes are available, to request a specific size or discuss your options please contact Michelle via the contact page.

Share The Spotlight Limited Edition Print

PriceFrom $100.00

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