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Limited Edition Print by Australian Artist Michelle Jane Williamson.


  • High-Quality Print on Canvas or Fine Art Paper
  • 50 Fine Art Paper Prints in Edition. 50 Canvas Prints in Edition
  • Ready for Framing


Australian Birdlife Series.

Deep in the heart of the bushland south of Perth, one can find an abundance of Blue Wrens. These elusive birds are not immediately noticeable, but with a keen eye and an attentive ear, one can spot them flitting about among the branches. Their bold blue feathers are a striking contrast to the natural greens of the bushland, and as they dart from branch to branch, they blend seamlessly into their surroundings.But if you pause for a moment, listen for their unique calls, and watch for small movements, you'll soon discover just how many of these birds there are in the surrounding area.

They move in a coordinated flock, scouring the forest floor for food, and their synchronized movements are a sight to behold.This painting is a tribute to these elusive and beautiful birds, and an invitation to take a moment to look and listen, to discover the hidden beauty that surrounds us.

This artwork would make the perfect addition to your home for those who appreciate the beauty of nature. The intricate details and serene atmosphere of the bushland will transport you to another world. Perfect for adding a touch of the great outdoors to your home, and a gentle reminder to take a moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Each artwork arrives with its own singed Certificate of Authenticity. Canvas print number is listed on the certificate of Authenticity.

Canvas Print - Will come stretched and ready to hang.


Canvas Print Framed - Will come stretched, wood framed and ready to hang.


Fine Art Paper Print - Will come safely rolled or flat with protective paper


Fine Art Paper Print with Mattboard - Will come framed with matt board.


61cm x 81.3cm Print with 120cm x 80cm Mattboard
56cm x 42cm Print with 91cmx 61cm Mattboard

39.6cm x 29.7cm Print with A2 Mattboard

28cmx 21cm Print with A3 Mattboard

19.7cm x 14.8cm Print with A4 Mattboard 

(These mattboard sizes are created to fit standard- easy to find frames)


Fine Art Paper Print Framed - Will come matted, framed and ready to hang.


Custom Sizes are available, to request a specific size or discuss your options please contact Michelle via the contact page.

Falling Leaves Limited Edition Print

PriceFrom $90.00

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