Standing Tall Limited Edition Print

Standing Tall Limited Edition Print

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Limited Edition Print by Australian Artist Michelle Jane Williamson.


  • High-Quality Print on Rag Paper or Canvas
  • 50 Rag Paper Prints in Edition. 25 Canvas Prints in Edition
  • Ready for Framing or Matting

'Standing Tall' is signed and numbered on the bottom right hand side of the print. Your Print will come rolled in a tube, wrapped carefully in protective paper.


Each artwork arrives with it's own singed Certificate of Authenticity.


If this painting is not to your preferred size, consider a commissioned work. I can paint you something similar at the perfect size to fit your wall. Visit the commissions page to see more info on custom-made artworks.


Standing Tall above the others, giraffes can reach great heights that no other creatures can. A unique characteristic that sets this beautiful beast apart from the rest. The title of this piece inspired not only by this unique characteristic, but also by the concept of standing tall, and standing strong. Always keeping your head high.


As the current giraffe population continues to deplete, these magnificent creatures have sadly just made their way from the vulnerable list to the endangered species list.


You can help, donate to the Giraffe Conservation Fund today