Ohana Limited Edition Print

Ohana Limited Edition Print

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Limited Edition Print by Australian Artist Michelle Jane Williamson.


  • High-Quality Print on Rag Paper or Canvas
  • 50 Rag Paper Prints in Edition. 25 Canvas Prints in Edition
  • Ready for Framing or Matting

    'Ohana' is signed on the left hand side of the canvas. Built to fit that space that space that is often hard to fill, it's wide and panoramic in shape. The sides are painted as a wrap around, continuing on from the painting. Archival High Quality Custom Made Stretched Canvas, Ready to hang straight on your wall. Painted with Professional Artists Quality Oil Paints onto a carefully primed and prepared surface to ensure lasting quality.


    Each artwork arrives with it's own singed Certificate of Authenticity.

    If this painting is not to your preferred size, consider a commissioned work. I can paint you something similar at the perfect size to fit your wall. Visit the commissions page to see more info on custom-made artworks.


    'Ohana' means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Lilo and Stitch.

    The word family can be interpreted in many different ways. My interpretation of family is a bond that cannot be broken, a trust beyond all others and an unconditional love. 


    African Elephants are well known as social, family-oriented creatures. Living in groups of roughly ten, the mothers and their young seem to be very aware of one another. They are known to help one another in times of distress, always lending a helping trunk. The family bond is their strongest defense.

    Frequently hunted for their tusks, the ivory trade is still in action now, and is severely effecting depleting numbers of African Elephants in the wild.


    You can help, donate to the Elephant Crisis Fund today.